Brainerd Baptist School Increasing Security After I-Pad Thefts

CHATTANOOGA,TN, (WDEF)-9 cameras, covering 15 entrances to a 100,000 sq foot school and still no trace of how this pair made it inside Brainerd Baptist stealing multiple i-pads.

Sean Corcoran, Brainerd Baptist School, Headmaster,"People would consider them easy targets because you know there is technology in those schools, schools are going to have technology, particularly from what the police told us they do a command good amount of money at pawn shops and things of that nature".

The break-in happened just after 4am on Wednesday of last week.
It is the second time the school has been broken into in the last 6 months and headmaster Corcoran is doubling up on surveillance.

Sean Corcoran, Brainerd Baptist School, Headmaster,"Adding some cameras, adding some motion detectors we currently have those things in place but trying to be really careful in doing a full review of all of our doors and windows".

Security specialists at ADS are concerned that more schools will be targeted over the summer months.

Danny Crowe, ADS Security Chattanooga,"Camera base is the way to go but we also offer monitoring systems for the classrooms or the building itself so it someone does break-in we get an alert where we can get the police there quickly".

Crowe advises that teachers and coaches exercise caution when using  school facilities over the summer especially if it’s dark outside.

Danny Crowe,ADS Security Chattanooga,"I would recommend them having an escort when they go in the building so that they wouldn’t be by themselves and walk into a potential hazard".

Brainerd Baptist have been using more than 100 i-pads for 6 years and this month’s break-in was the first time any of them ever went missing.

Headmaster Corcoran added that the safety of his students and their belongings is his main concern.

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