Brand News: 1st Wal-mart Neighborhood Market Nears Opening Here

     Get ready for a new Wal-mart concept to hit the Tennessee Valley.
     The company is preparing to open its first Neighborhood Market in our area in less than three weeks.
     The Fort Oglethorpe Walmart Market will open on Wednesday, January 21st.
     It is located behind the Chick-Fil-A and McDonald’s on Battlefield Parkway.
     Contractors are putting the finishing touches on it now and they are stocking the shelves.
     It will handle groceries only, And offer a smaller experience than in a Supercenter.
     The Market will also sell gas.
     This is just the first of a flood of Neighborhood Markets in our area.
     Another is under construction in Dalton.
     And they’ve been linked to sites in Hixson, East Ridge and possibly East Brainerd.
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