Brian Kyle makes all students feel important

There are no wall flowers in Brian Kyle’s U.S. History class at McMinn County High School.

Each student is actively engaged, and that’s just the way Coach Kyle likes it.

"They know I care for them and have high expectations from them. They’re gonna come in and they’re gonna learn each day."

That’s been the trend for the past seven years.

Coach Kyle sees 150 students a day, and 70 football players after school.

He says if these kids know someone cares, the learning takes care of itself.

"I may be the only positive person, or the only person that’s lifting them up in their life."

And that attitude works.

Danté Arnwine is the student body president at McMinn County High.

The senior says he’s seen the way Kyle’s positive energy and high expectations affect the students around him.

"The students that started low and then they started getting confidence because of Coach Kyle you know it’s really gonna help them in the future…"

But Kyle says he’s just doing his job.

The McMinn graduate plans to always make this school his home.

He says the best way to make it better is to help the students be their best.

"I think that’s, that’s the most important thing of our jobs as teachers to help those kids that have been told their whole life they can’t do anything, to show them they can and then hopefully that will spill off into all aspects of their life."

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