Bridge Chattanooga making sure local kids get outdoors

What's Right With Our Schools

As we first told you last week, Bridge Chattanooga works hard to help students develop the life skills they need in order to be successful.

One of their tools to achieve this are outdoor activities.

See how they use all of these opportunities available in the Scenic City to push their students in tonight’s, What’s Right With Our Schools.

” I thought rocks… I thought rocks. There you go, stand up on that. That’s all I thought, oh rocks.”

SARAH: We take kids hiking, caving, climbing rock, climbing. We do a set of swimming lessons with each group to make sure that those who aren’t comfortable in the water or don’t have those skills, can acquire them while they’re with us, and be safe when they’re around the water. We live in one of the greatest outdoor cities in the united states in Chattanooga and Bridge saw a need to fill a gap to make sure that more middle school and high school kids can get outside and enjoy all the amenities that we have.

CAMRON: It was kind of scary because you know got spider webs. And then like it’s kind of tough because you kind of get lost when you’re trying to climb.

SARAH: The Dalewood Middle School has been our partner since the beginning. And Mr Williams has been so responsive and welcoming to our program since he’s become the principal at Dalewood Middle School. And we just want the teachers and the students and their families to know, that you know we’re here to connect them to nature but also just to walk alongside them as they move through life.

RASHAAD: The skills and strategies and techniques they learn to endure something that’s difficult or hard, transfers to the classroom. And you learn how to persevere. You learn how to be resilient when you you fail. And the content gets difficult you’ve now built the capacity to learn what you, do to dig in and get past that moment when it’s difficult.

DAVID: So why do you do it?

CAMRON: For the experience that most people don’t really get to have.

SARAH: We learn so much from the kids it’s very reciprocal. You know you always hear people saying, “oh this is a great program for the kids”. But this is something we think the community must be involved in. You know giving our kids these opportunities to try new things and succeed. And this is just part of being a part of the community. And and they teach us more probably than we could ever teach them; about pushing… pushing… um pushing their personal limits. And and um seeing you know, kind of becoming the heroes of their own stories. We want to give them the opportunity to see that they can succeed in whatever they put their mind to.>

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