Buddy System Working For Titans Ryan Tannehill and Jonnu Smith

Titans quarterback Ryan Tannehill and tight end Jonnu Smith have the buddy system going for them during this pandemic. Besides all of the zoom meetings, they’re fortunate enough to work out with each other since they don’t live too far apart.

Local parks are not normal training grounds for NFL players, but it seems to be working well for Ryan Tannehill and Jonnu Smith, since their regular training facilities are closed.
Smith:”We’re both down in the South Florida area. We go to a local park that we’re able to get into. Not illegally. (chuckles) Without breaking any rules.”
Said Tannehill:”Having Jonnu down here. We’ve been working for a couple of months now just throwing. Just seeing him and having a familiar face. Familiar body and getting more on the same page with Jonnu has been really good.”
Reporter:”Was hoping you could kind of talk us through what you and Ryan do. How far are you from each other. Where do you meet? Kind of what’s your routine? How often do you get together, and what’s a two man workout like?”
Said Smith:”Man you want to know everything. You going to come down here and throw with us. (laughter)
Probably a lot of NFL players wish they had someone to throw to right now.
Titans coach Mike Vrabel is thankful his starting QB can get in these kind of workouts.
Said Vrabel:”At the end of the day quarterbacks want to know if guys are going to be in the right spots. Quarterbacks are the ones who help. Hey, be here on this route. You know hopefully they’re able to work on some ot those things, and Ryan and Jonnu can stay in shape and motivated like the rest of our football team.”
Smith has to feel like he’s playing with house money just being able to work out this much with his starting quarterback.
Said Smith:”Just building the chemistry. Taking advantage of being in the same location. Just learning my speed. Learning his speed. Learning the feeling of the football coming out of his hand. Just catching the football. Knowing the spin on that thing. Learning more. He’s learning me more, so I’m sure it will be a great advantage.”

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