Budget to be presented at next Hamilton County Commission meeting

HAMILTON COUNTY, Tenn. (WDEF) – There was no discussion of next year’s budget at today’s Hamilton County commission meeting but workshops continue as individual departments discuss their needs and their wants.

Requests for next year total more than 700 million dollars.

Mayor Jim Coppinger says that’s not going to happen.

It would represent a 50-million dollar increase, and a tax jump of about 60-cents.

The only agency that submitted a balanced budget so far is Hamilton county schools.

Its budget is 372 POINT 8 million dollars, but school board members say it needs almost 25 million more.

Commissioner Dr. Greg Martin said “We could raise taxes to whatever and there would still be the requests. You know I saw the proposal and it was like 60-cents, something like that,,if you met every request and that’s not going to happen. If you did, then next year there’d be requests for another 70 cents or another 80 cents…I mean those are just requests.”

Mayor Jim Coppinger said “It’s important that the public see this portion of the request…to see, you know the work and commitment that we have to reduce that ..that number to something that’s manageable.”

The mayor will present the new budget on June 7th.

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