Bulls’ Otto Porter Jr. misses weird finish to game against 76ers for an even weirder reason

The ending to Wednesday night’s 76ers-Bulls game in Chicago was a messy one, especially for Otto Porter Jr.

Some bizarre circumstances forced the Bulls forward to miss the final possession of the game while he was in the middle of taking a drug test. The game appeared to be over when the 76ers failed to convert on an inbounds alley-oop with 0.5 seconds left in the game, as players headed off the court and fans filed out of the arena.

But upon further review, officials determined that there was a clock error on that inbounds play and that the buzzer went off too soon. As such, the refs gave Philadelphia an extra possession and called both teams back onto the floor to replay the final 0.5 seconds.

Unfortunately for Porter, he was already busy taking a drug test in the locker room and wasn’t able to return to the floor with his teammates, meaning the Bulls had to sub out one of their better defenders for that final possession. 

Fortunately for Chicago, Philly wasn’t able to convert on the extra opportunity and the Bulls, back in action against the Pistons on Friday (8 p.m. ET — watch on fuboTV), managed to escape with a 108-107 win for the second time in the same game.

As for Porter, well, he’ll probably want to make sure the game is truly over before he agrees to go full stream into a cup from now on. However, when the drug test guys grab you that quickly after a game, you can probably take it as a compliment. That’s when you know you’ve truly been ballin’ out.

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