Businessman Proposes R-V Park Near Chattanooga’s Main Attractions

CHATTANOOGA, TN. (WDEF-TV) A Chattanooga developer who wants to build an up-scale R-V Park near highway 153, says he’s going back to the drawing board to attract community support.
John Hawkins didn’t get much encouragement from the regional Planning Agency this week.
But he’s planning community meetings to get his message across.

JOHN HAWKINS, DEVELOPER, R-V PARK NEAR 153 "I want them to have access to, you know, the bike path, the swim park, the Chattanooga dam, I mean Chickamauga dam…and the Tennessee River."

John Hawkins has been an executive at Miller Industries for years, but he thinks the city needs a good R-V park near the city’s major attractions.
He found this 6-acre tract at South Access Road and Randolph Circle, which he’d like to develop into a park to accommodate 180 Rv’s.

JOHN HAWKINS "Whether your a war baby or millenniums trailers, motors homes are becoming a very integral part …there’s about 270 thousand units annually going in there

When Hawkins took his proposal to the Regional Planning Agency Monday, board members like city councilman Hakeem had plenty of questions.

YUSUF HAKEEM, CITY COUNCIL MEMBER "It’s out of character in my view for a business of that nature to be in that community."

Hawkins says his next step it to take his ideas to the neighbors.

JOHN HAWKINS "I would go to the various businesses here on you know, Access…as well as the communities around them and invite them to that meeting so they can see what we’re attempting to do here."

ED AVERETT, NEIGHBOR "I wouldn’t want to see a whole more traffic in this area than we’ve got."

Ed Averett has lived in the neighborhood form 60 years. He wants to hear the rest of the story.

YUSUF HAKEEM "He did start the process, he has not done it in a manner that I deem would be a benefit to him, but once he talks with the neighborhood, we’ll have a better feel as to what it is he wants to do and he’s committed to do."

The planning agency gave Hawkins until July 13th to return with a better plan.

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