Butch Jones-“We’re Still a Good Football”

Just when you think it can’t get any worse for Tennessee, and then they suffer another excruciating loss. The Vols now have three painful defeats this season. All they can do is suck it up, and try to get over the hump and win a big game.
Said Vols coach Butch Jones-"I always talk the truth. I speak the truth. The truth of the matter is we’re a good football team."

    But the truth hurts. Tennessee has blown a two-touchdown lead in each of their three lossess, including Saturday to Arkansas.
Said Jones,"Again, I see us making progress. Unfortunately, it’s not showing on the scoreboard, but eventually it will."
    Jones believes the progress the Vols have made on special teams should be an indicator of future success.
"I think the special teams tell you the dynamics of a football team. Right now, we’re excelling in the game of special teams. Those are individuals who are really, really embracing their roles in our football program."
    Offensively, the Vols need some dynamite, or quick explosion.
Jones-"We need to have more big splash plays. We need more big plays. It’s hard to play perfect in this conference. It’s hard to drive the ball for an extended period of plays."
    Jones still likes the drive of his team, despite their 2-3 record.
"Our players have been resilient. They’ve done a very good job. They understand what needs to happen in moving forward."
Reporter-"Jalen, you said a lot of people are doubting you. Does that disappoint you or does it motivate you?"
Said linebacker Jalen Reeves-Maybin,"Neither. Don’t really care. Doesn’t really matter."
    The Vols need some buzz, so maybe the new Smokey Gray uniforms will help.
Said Jones-"So we will debut our smokey gray uniforms, which does not help you win a football game, but I know everyone has been looking foward to that."
  The Vols host Georgia on Saturday at 3:30pm, and the game will be televised on WDEF News 12.
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