Calhoun Avenue Closed after Residential Flooding

CHATTANOOGA (WDEF) Calhoun Avenue was closed, this morning due to flooding.

But some who live on Calhoun couldn’t even step off their front porch.

“When I got up, I thought I could get to it. I came outside. And it was basically underwater. So, we called the fire department to get our cars moved to higher ground. And I didn’t go to work today, because obviously I’ve got a clean-up job to do,” said a Calhoun Avenue resident.”

Yards were flooded and vehicles were submerged.

One resident on Calhoun Avenue said that while their yard has been flooded before, it has never been flooded like this.

“It started raining last night, and the back yard always floods when it rains, but this is the first time since I’ve been living here that it’s been real bad like this.”

According to the Chattanooga Public Works Department, the excessive flooding was caused by a drainage pipe that had become clogged with waste tires and other debris.

This morning, Public Works closed the road and began removing water and debris from the area.

“We’ve, as far as the Department of Public Works Citywide Services Division, have removed what debris was accessible, and we’re working with the railroad to get set up to take over. It actually goes under their tracks,” said Rusty Blevins, Chattanooga Public Works Manager.

It isn’t clear when the clean-up job will be completed, but efforts to clear the water are underway.

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