Can the Cleveland Fight Videographer be Sued?

BRADLEY COUNTY, Tenn. (WDEF)- Reports indicate that an assault victim in Bradley County may sue the man who recorded the whole thing.

Four adults and two minors have been charged following the incident.

Two suspects are charged with attempted second degree murder.

The man who recorded the fight has not been charged at this time there is speculation about a lawsuit for recording the incident.

“I can stand on the side of the road and record anything that’s going on there” said Chattanooga attorney Robin Flores.

News 12 reached out to Flores to find out if a case against Walker has any merit.

“The people are out there in the public view” said Flores. “They’ve put themselves in the public view.”

On February 24th, Derek Walker explained to News 12 his motivation behind recording the fight.

“If I were to get physically involved I would gave been in legal trouble myself” said Walker. “There is no justice if I did not show up . It was going to happen either or so the best thing I could have done was show up and film this.”

Flores agrees that Walker could have been responsible if he attempted a partial rescue.

Flores also says Walker can also be responsible if he was aware that the victim would be attacked before hand.

“If he knew this was going on and he puts himself there and he didn’t warn that -he knew this was going to happen- he’s got a duty now” said Flores.

“Even if he didn’t know it would be five or six against one” asked News 12 Reporter Winston Reed.

“It doesn’t matter in that case” said Flores.

News 12 reached out to Walker for further comment but he declined to interview.

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