Candidates make last push ahead of tomorrow’s primary

With less than 24 hours until the Tennessee polls open some candidates worked overtime today to make an extra push for votes.

Marsha Blackburn, Chuck Fleischmann and Bill Lee all made stops in Chattanooga today, gunning for that last bit of support.

Representative Fleischmann threw all his support behind senatorial candidate Blackburn at the Hamilton County Republican Headquarters, saying the president made it his mission to get Blackburn elected.

“President Trump has not asked me many things, but one of the things he asked me on Air Force One was please work hard to make Marsha Blackburn my next U.S. Senator,” said Fleischmann.

Current Tennessee Representative said the way to get her elected is to  “… make phone calls, knock on doors, get people to the polls have them vote, make certain that they are voting with us. Lets have a great primary day tomorrow; lets make sure were ready for a great win.”

One of the most hotly contested races is for governor, and gubernatorial candidate Bill Lee was welcomed to Chattanooga with warm arms and a strong message.

Lee said, “Tennessee can not only be a better place for you and me and our kids and our grand kids and 6 million other people. Tennessee can lead the nation.  And I’m fully convinced of that. With the right leadership Tennessee can lead the nation and I’d love to be that leader… really we the people are the solution to the greatest challenges of our day. Not the government; the government provides a framework for us to operate.”

Polls open across the city tomorrow from 7:00 a.m. to 8:00 p.m.

Stay tuned to News 12 Now for the latest updates on all the election results.

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