Canyon Ridge Architect Discusses Golf Course Design

Rising Fawn, GA-(WDEF) When Rick Robbins was asked to design the Canyon Ridge Golf Club, he was bit surprised by the layout.

"A lot of relatively flat land for being on top of a mountain. In North Carolina, you go up in the mountains, and they’re all peaks. But here this is flat-top, and Lookout Mountain is really unique that way."
Robbins is the recent past president of the American Society of Golf Course Architects. He says he walked the land on Canyon Ridge about 15 times before the course started coming together in his mind.
"Just all the rock formations and trying to incorporate those into the areas, so they might be used as aiming points for shots and that sort of things."
   While lush, green courses might be what golfers envision, Robbins says that idea is changing.
"We’re also doing a lot of things right now to try to push golf courses toward water savings and more environmental consciousness. The Pinehurst No. 2 that Ben Crenshaw and Bill Coore did is one example of a more naturalistic design. The nice thing about that is that it also addresses the environmental aspects of it because Pinehurst saved about 44 acres of grass watering."
   While a designer loves to give a course a championship feel, they have to remember not everyone is a golf champion.
"That’s one of the big drawbacks for golf right now is people say look, I just don’t have 5 hours or I don’t want to lose a dozen new Titleists out there, and it’s really hard to play. Trying to be conscious of those things."
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