Car Thieves Steal SEC Championship Ring

CHATTANOOGA, Tennessee (WDEF)- Several towns around Hamilton County have been struggling with recent car break-ins.

According to Tim Bell, whose truck was burglarized says, “We woke up in the morning taking the kids to school at Thraser and my wallet was just open sitting on the front seat of my car and I quickly look in it and think that’s not where I leave my wallet and it had no cash. Look over to the right, and my console is just open and empty.”

What was in his console?

A 2002 University Of Tennessee Track and Field Championship Ring.

One of his most prized possessions.

“and now I’m one ring shy of a trifecta” says Bell.

Signal Mountain isn’t the only place experiencing car break-ins.

Chattanooga Police suggest that people start uploading their security cam footage to the Nextdoor App.

Officer Nick Hayes, who is over the Chattanooga Auto Crimes Division, says, ” We are actually working with RING to be able to have access to that site where we can request video from the citizens and get that as well and it’s going to help us identify whose going into the neighborhoods and breaking into cars.”

Thursday night CPD help a Community Engagement meeting to discuss car break-ins in the Hixson Area.

Officer Hayes says, “CPIC Meetings are done every three months. They are usually put on the department social’s media page or twitter pages and they will advertise when and where those meetings are being held.The public is being encouraged to express concerns, bring up questions and have their questions answered as well.”

According to CPD, 50% of the car break-ins in December, victims left their keys in the car.

One thing that Officer Hayes and Bell agree on is how to ensure this does not happen to you.

Bell says, “Chief Williams at the Signal Mountain Police Department and his team has been great up here. His advice and they posted on Facebook is lock your doors. Lock your car. Lock your home. Nobody was hit that had a lock car.”

If you have any information about Bell’s Championship rings contact Signal Mountain Police.

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