Cardiovascular Disease Patients High Risk Category for Covid-19

CHATTANOOGA, Tenn (WDEF) – A new recommendation from the American College of Cardiology says patients with advanced cardiovascular disease should be included in the high risk category of receiving the Covid-19 vaccine.

Three common risk factors for developing heart disease are: obesity, high blood pressure and diabetes.

Those factors also put residents in the high risk category for COVID-19, since, according to a local physician, Covid-19 can put a significant strain on the heart. 

“Anytime that your body Is fighting off any sort of infection whether that be the common cold, the flu or Covid your heart has to do more work.There are definitely things that we have seen. It can cause myocarditis which is inflammation of the heart. That can be associated with weakness of the heart muscles. That can also be associated with abnormal heart rhythms. The other thing we are seeing is an increased heart rate after a diagnosis of Covid,” says Dr. Alison Bailey, Chief of Cardiology at Centennial Heart for Parkridge. 

Doctors are strongly urging the Covid-19 vaccine prioritization to include patients who have been diagnosed with Cardiovascular Disease. 

“The risk is not equal while all of those conditions increase your risk for having a poor outcome for Covid but if you have uncontrolled conditions or they’re more severe your risk is higher so we should try to figure out someway to stratified patients accordingly,” says Dr. Bailey. 

Physicians want to remind everyone that if the prevention of heart disease wasn’t a big enough reason to eat healthy and exercise daily, the threat of Covid-19 on the heart should be.

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