Carry the Load Comes Through Chattanooga on 2,000 Mile Journey

Men and Women are on a 27, 2,000 mile walk from West Point New York to Dallas Texas and came through Chattanooga Thursday greeted by the Fire Department…and spent some down time at the Crash pad.
Travis Mann, a leader on the walk, said the idea started with a friend of his during a memorial day cookout 4 years ago..
"He went for a walk just kind of thinking about what is memorial day really and to think about his friends and an older gentleman saw him and said, ‘hey son who are you carrying?’ and he just kind of said wow that really resonated with him and he said that’s what im going to do, i’m going to start carry the load," Mann said.
On the way they hear stories from other veterans and their families,.they even pick up people like Johnathon Davis along the way.
 "I was on my way home i seen the bus something about Memorial Day got my attention and they offered me to walk 5 miles with them and I was more than happy to do it," said Davis.
He recently returned from Afganistan and was glad to connect with other people that honor his service and the sacrifices of his friends.
"I guess in a way it was a relief to know that people actually do care about the veterans the police force the fire dept," said Davis.
Mann says that’s what the walk is all about, taking some time to show their appreciation and lift up other veterans on their journey.
"We encourage anybody to participate, join us for a 5 mile leg it sounds like a lot and it’s gonna be tought to walk five miles but carrying that load for someone is important," said Mann.
If you would like to participate or donate visit:
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