Catoosa and Dade County Voters to Decide E-Splost on Super Tuesday

The presidential preference primary in Georgia is getting all of the attention, but voters will decide another important issue on March 1st.
The Esplost will be on the ballot also.
ESplost means Education Special Purpose Local Option Sales Tax.
It’s a penny added to all consumer purchases…and it’s been in effect since 1997.
ESplost expires every 4 years and on Tuesday voters will decide the 5th one.
Number 3 in 2008 paid for Heritage High School; Number 4 in 2012 paid for renovation of Lakeview Fort Oglethorpe high school, and the roof of Ringgold High school’s gym which was destroyed by the tornado in 2011.

The ESplost also built the Kellerhals Theater at Ringgold High.

This time, the priority is “safety first” with new software.

DENIA REESE, SUPERINTENDENT, CATOOSA COUNTY SCHOOLS “The software enables law enforcement and first responders to be able to look inside the school through their phones, computer or tablets to locate an intruder through motion detectors. ” .

Teachers in the 17 schools could silently alert authorities to a threat.

A second goal for ESplost 5 is preparing students for the 21st century.

DENIA REESE “We will be providing a tablet or a Chromebook for every student in our system , including Chromebooks that grade 9 through 12 students can use at school, and at home.”

That will be a 10-million dollar investment.
Spanish teacher Pat Long and others have been pushing for the Chromebooks which will finally solve the problem of cellphones in class.
Meanwhile the district is looking ahead to a mandate from the state that 80% of students must take the assessment on-line beginning in 2017.

DENIA REESE “Our citizens in Catoosa county have supported ESplost since 1997, and every ESplost that has been presented to the voter has been overwhelmingly supported.”

The 65 year old Graysville Elementary, the oldest school in Catoosa county, will get a complete renovation during the next Esplost period.

Dade county also has an ESplost measure on the ballot.

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