CAUGHT ON CAMERA: A look at the security system at Hamilton Place Mall

CHATTANOOGA, Tenn. (WDEF) –  The Hamilton Place management is letting us have a closer look at the security system that led to quick resolution of a riot a few weeks ago.

Kim Noorbergen, the Security Director at the Hamilton Place mall, sat alongside the Marketing Director Kim Lyons to explain how they hope their high definition camera system will deter crime in the mall.

Noorbergen says, “We want people to know that if you come to the mall and you commit a crime then you’re going to be on camera.”

Lyons says, “We are constantly evaluating our security protocols and our best practices and last year we decided to make a significant investment into CCTV, the camera monitoring system, and it’s been very good for Hamilton Place.”

Because of the clarity of this new security system, it’s been used to prosecute certain cases with the Chattanooga Police Department.

“Case in point. When we had activity on the 24th of February, police were able to quickly identify the suspect,” Lyons says.

Noorbergen added, “we take the information that is given to us when an incident happens. We use the cameras to identify by clothing, by gender, the area whatever the incident is.”

Kim Lyons also addressed a fight that happened a week later and was ended in less than one minute.

“We had an altercation in the food court a couple of weeks ago and that altercation lasted approximately 45 to 50 seconds, says Kim Lyons, “It was such a short duration of time because our off-duty police officer’s responding so quickly as well as our security team. They responded quickly.”

Along with the security system, the hiring of Noorbergen was a highlight for the mall’s management because, with her, she brought nearly 30 years of police experience that she gained here in Chattanooga.

Noorbergen believes, “It kind of gave me the insight that we can build the relationship with the Chattanooga Police Department.” They come in here and they train to get familiar with the Corredor’s of them all they know how to get in and out if need be there are just a lot of good benefits of having that background and being able to bring here.”

She says that the police department comes in and “they train to get familiar with the corridors [so] they know how to get in and out if need be. There are just a lot of good benefits of having that background and being able to bring here.”

They believe that both incidents were learning experiences.

“We take the opportunity to look and see do we need to add officers and we always say what did we do good what can we do better. that’s how we work here in security. we strive to make things better every day,” says Noorbergen.

They say that their relationship with local law enforcement agencies enables them to provide a better service to the mall and to the customers.

Lyons believes, “Chattanooga as a whole. We love the city and we want to see this city to continue to be a wonderful city that draws visitors from all over the world.”

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