Central Purple Pounders Counting on Old School Offense This Season

Chattanooga-(WDEF-TV) When Curt Jones took over at Central this year, he brought in the Notre Dame box offense that he was apart of last season as an assistant coach at the Notre Dame school in Chattanooga. The old school offense worked well in the Purple Pounders season opener as they rushed for nearly 400-yards in their win over Walker Valley.

Curt Jones admits his team was skeptical when he introduced the Notre Dame Box.
Said Jones:”First initial reaction when we told them we were going to be running a 1930’s and 40’s era offense. They kind of looked at us like, really?”
Said quarterback Jaheim Jones:”At first I was skeptical. I was like man, I don’t know about this.”
And this offense proved even weirder for quarterback Jaheim Jones.
Said Jaheim:”The weirdest thing. I’d probably say the weirdest thing is me blocking. (chuckles) I’m not used to blocking.” (chuckles)
It’s weird all right. You don’t even know who the center is going to snap the ball to.
Said Jaheim:”It’s all misdirection. Part of the voo doo. Yeah.”
Reporter:”Y’all call it the voo doo?”
Said Jaheim:”Yeah, we’ve got a lot of that.” (laughs)
Well that so called voo doo proved to be effective early on.
Said center Lee Melton:”The Baylor scrimmage we had where we were just running the ball just right down on them. And coach was like, this is one of the top teams in our area. And we were like okay, if we can do this to them, we can do this to a lot of people.”
Said Coach Jones:”You know everybody plays a little bit softer version of football when they are looking at the finesse of the spread. The finesse with the inside zone block. This is an offense where you are coming down hill right now, and there are not a lot of teams that are used to defending that anymore.”
In the Purple Pounders win over Walker Valley, they completed only one pass.
Said Jaheim:”That’s crazy. I actually only threw the ball three times.”
Reporter:”Is it unfair to call the Notre Dame box a simple offense?”
Said Coach Jones:”Uh. No. It’s a very simple offense. I mean it’s the rules. The blocking scheme. Everything is simple, and that’s why the kids are able to execute it at such a high level.”

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