“Change is Inevitable But Growth is Optional” Says Smart Ahead of Georgia Spring Drills

Georgia was one of the biggest surprise teams in college football last season.
They were one play away from winning a national title.
But that game, and that season, are just a memory for head coach Kirby Smart as the Dawgs kicked off spring practice on Tuesday.

Last time we saw Georgia, they lost the national title on a deep pass in overtime to Alabama. Reporter: “Coach what’s your approach on this season after ending the season the way you did last year?” Said Smart: “The biggest thing is what I talked about in the beginning is that change is inevitable, but growth is optional. you know as much as I hate to say it, and don’t take it the wrong way, you guys make our jobs really hard as coaches by telling us how good we are or how good we should be.”

Coach Smart knows his team is still good, but they have to work to stay on top. Said Smart: “The expectation is to win every game you play, why should it be any different. So, we want to create that brand that we expect to go out and dominate our opponent, that’s what we thrive to do. My concern for this team is that they’re going to be the target for everyone they play. We’re not gonna sit back and let people hunt us, we’re going to continue to hunt.”

Smart says the players must keep hunting for a starting job, regardless of their experience. Said Smart: “There’s a competition at every single position out there. So I haven’t singled out a position like you guys like to do, and say well they lost these outside backers, now they’re gonna have this outside backer battle. we’re going to have a battle at every single position, and that’s called recruiting. That’s called depth.”

But can highly regarded recruit Justin Fields, give Jake Fromm a run for his money with the Georgia starting quarterback job? Said Smart: “He’s done a tremendous job in off-season workouts. He’s a competitor, he competes everyday. He’s first in line trying to compete with every guy at his position. From a football stand point we haven’t really seen a whole lot, cause we haven’t been able to do a whole lot, but he’s a very bright kid, and I’m excited to go see him practice.”

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