Chatt Inn Housing for the Homeless

CHATTANOOGA, Tenn. (WDEF)- The Budgetel Inn & Suites in East Ridge was the city’s first choice to house up to 100 homeless people from Chattanooga for 90 days.

“Due to some issues with the people in that community, we weren’t able to house our people there” said Councilman Anthony Byrd.

Now, the Chatt Inn, in Councilman Byrd’s District, will be the new host for the program.

“Our homeless community is doubling or tripling monthly.”

Some members from the homeless community receives food from the Chattanooga Community Kitchen daily.

With the Chatt Inn being on the other side of town, Councilman Byrd says the city will bring the food to them and provide the upcoming residents with transportation and other resources.

“You’re going to have housing initiatives. You’re going to have social and mental health initiatives” said Councilman Byrd.

“I sleep in the buildings downtown and there’s plenty of stairwells in the building to sleep at” said Omar Kyle.

News 12 mentioned the initiative to Kyle. He wants to be one out 100 displaced people selected.

“I’m hoping I’m hoping… there’s nothing else to do but hope.”

90 days can be a short turnaround to get back on your feet but Councilman Byrd believes it’s a step in the right direction.

“Now we have a list, an accurate account, of who’s coming in and out” said Councilman Byrd. “We can put our hands on the people that need it the help the most. Right now we just have people living on the street. Living in the streets and tents and all over the city and we can’t get the services to them.”

City council will vote on the city’s contract with Chatt Inn, worth over 300 thousand dollars, on Tuesday, April 13th.

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