Chattanooga Balloon festival goers feel “deflated” after weekend event

CHATTANOOGA, Tenn (WDEF) – Many who attended the Chattanooga Balloon festival feel deflated after no balloons took flight this weekend.

Over 10 thousand people attended the first Chattanooga balloon festival held at the Tennessee Riverpark.

“the winds were still too high,”says Jeremy Kwaterski, Director of the festival.

the overall reviews are mixed.

“We’re going to understand that we didn’t put on a perfect show and i don’t think anyone ever has,” says Kwaterski.

Some people who purchased tickets say they were promised things that did not happen, but organizers say it was out of their control and events like this aren’t easy.

“But you just have to be aware that you can make some improvements and talk to those folks that are upset and we do that. At the end of the day and come back way better next year and put on a fantastic show and eliminate some of these issues,”says Kwaterski.

Festival goers say they understand the organizers can’t control the weather but they do expect them to fix the things they can control.

“Over all there are things the festival can change like the parking, like the traffic, like the vendors and also the things promised like live music and other things I have seen people complaining about not occurring,”says Brian Collins, previous festival goer.

Kwaterski says even with the complaints they had, overall the event seemed to be a success.

Collins believes this festival could be huge for the city if they work to fix these issues.

“Hopefully fix the festival so that if they do come back it can be a better experience for all,”says Collins.

The balloon festival does plan to return to Chattanooga next year with improvements.


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