Chattanooga Care Center Continues COVID Precautions

CHATTANOOGA – Despite the Supreme Court’s ruling against vaccine mandates for private businesses, large Medicare and Medicaid certified providers are still required to vaccinate their employees. For providers with fewer than one hundred employees, however, protective measures are largely in their hands.

In Chattanooga, Sharon’s Adult Day Center is in that off category of Medicare-certified providers that are too small for a federal mandate.

“I don’t have one hundred employees, but I do receive funding, because I’m funded through the choices program, and I get some funding from in-home customer care services, from the VA,” said Sharon Kelly, owner of Sharon’s Adult Day Center.

While the vaccine mandate doesn’t apply to Sharon’s Adult Day Center, precautions are being taken.

“All my participants, here, have been vaccinated, all the staff, even though I might be the only staff here, now.

COVID has hit the center hard, greatly reducing its staff.

“My average was like thirty-five people a day. Now, I have from five to six people a day, just trying to keep my head above water.”

But Sharon Kelly is doing what she can to keep participants safe, regardless of a federal mandate.

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