Chattanooga City Council passes odor ordinance on first reading

CHATTANOOGA, Tenn. (WDEF) – Many people will tell you that they’ve experienced obnoxious smells in parts of Chattanooga.

“They built all those apartments out there and they expect people to pay like a half a million dollars or what ever it is you know and it stinks,” resident Walter Hall said.

“Eating outside and stuff it like ruins your appetite, ruins the whole meal.”

On Tuesday night, city council members voted 6 to 2 to pass an amended ordinance tackling noxious odors and nuisances.

Some have said that it targets the poultry plants in the city.

Its sponsor, District 3 Council Member Ken Smith, said it’s about animals and fowl, but added that the plants have been an issue with people for a long time.

“A city ordinance has a burden of 50 dollars a day if we tried to fine people. It’s not about jobs. It’s not about financially burdening a company. It’s about saying let’s be accountable to each other. You be accountable for what you’re supposed to do. We’ll be accountable to what we’re supposed to do and then we’ll be good neighbors,” Smith said.

Smith said the Air Pollution Control Board governs organizations like the plants.

He said the ordinance enforces what they already do.

“We’re not adding additional burdens. We’re not adding additional regulation or requirement. We’re simply saying we believe what you should be doing what’s already required of you by your permit from the Air Pollution Control Board,” Smith said.

He also said the ordinance addresses an issue that was brought to him about a storm drain that was covered in feathers.

“There’s actually federal law prohibiting that type of thing. So it’s one of those saying you have to contain your materials on your site. Let’s make sure you’re doing that in a good fashion,” Smith said.

The ordinance moves forward for a final vote next week.

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