Chattanooga distillery makes hand sanitizer for those in need

CHATTANOOGA, Tenn. (WDEF) — A Chattanooga distillery is doing their part to help those in need during the coronavirus pandemic.

On Friday, Lass & Lions had a tent set up where they were giving out their new product. It’s not vodka though, it’s hand sanitizer.

“So since we have a distillery we have access to pure ethanol and that is what hand sanitizer can be it can be made from many things, but ethanol is one,” said Danette Newton, with Lass & Lions.

The distillery wanted to do their part for people in need.

“we produced hand sanitizer for folks around the community that either can’t afford it, there are a lot of people not working right now or that can’t find it. It is very scare, hard to find. There are so many folks that are working with elderly or working with children or working with vulnerable populations that can’t find it,” Newton said.

People can bring their own containers and get the hand sanitizer.

“I would prefer that so that our bottles go further. We are trying to extend our resources to reach as many people as we can. Our homeless community alone needs 600 bottles,” Newton said.

Brent Brady, with Dixie Labels, is pitching in.

“I just appreciate Danette’s vision of stepping out of the boat and doing something for the community and we just wanted to come along side of her and offer free printing and anything we could do to help her,” Brady said.

The theme is ‘Nation Strong.’

“That is what we are trying to do is get people to really come together, gather resources, extend our resources and reach as many people as we can that need this stuff,” Newton said.

They will continue to pass this out and help others.

“I think that is our duty of Americans and Chattanoogans to come along side and give back,” Brady said.

For information about when they will be handing out hand sanitizer, click here.

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