Chattanooga Fire Department. Red Cross Pass Out Smoke Detectors

      House to house they go, through the Washington Hills subdivision, "We know that smoke alarms save lives so that’s why we are out here."
      Making sure your smoke detector is up and operational.
      "We try to do this right at the same time of the year as the time change happens, that’s whenever we try to get people to remember to check their batteries in their smoke alarms if they have them. If they don’t have them we are happy to install one for them," said Jamie Lewis with the Red Cross.
      In the last five years, three out of five fire related deaths resulted on properties where smoke detectors weren’t present or not working properly.
     "That’s where our biggest fire deaths occur or fire injuries occur. We know that by and large when they don’t have working smoke alarms they don’t know to get out, it’s in the middle of the night, it’s cold, and we just want to ensure that everyone has smoke alarms," said Deputy Fire Marshal Seth Miller.
     And with unexpectedly cold weather hitting the area this weekend, many will be quick to pull out old heaters without taking proper precautions.
     "It came up quickly this year. You are checking your heaters, you are making sure that they work properly. If you have to buy a new heater, look for one with a tip feature on it that when it tips over it actually cuts itself off. Obviously don’t put heaters close to combustible objects like furniture, couches, all of those things can catch fire if they are close enough to a heat source, so obviously we ask you to be careful."
     Because it is better to see them at your door now, instead of later.
     "We don’t have fires everyday and we’ve become complacent and in certain cases probably apathetic to, it’s not going to happen to me that’s always something that happens to somebody else, we want to make sure everyone understands, it can happen to you," said Miller. 
    "I don’t think that a lot of people think about losing everything until it actually happens to them. It is very devastating to them when it happens so it is very important that family be prepared and have smoke alarms in their homes. It not only saves their property but it saves their lives."
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