Chattanooga firefighter recognized as hero after house fire rescue

LOOKOUT VALLEY, Tenn. (WDEF) – One person is dead and two others injured, after a fire rips through a Lookout Valley home over the weekend.

One person was killed in a fire on Sunday… but 3 people were home at the time of the fire.

One woman was pulled from the home by an off duty Chattanooga fire fighter, who just happened to be in the right place at the right time.

Captain Steve Everett has been a Chattanooga firefighter for 21 years, and Sunday he found himself in a situation that he has never been in before.

Captain Everett was leaving his mother-in-law’s home when he saw a house fire; that’s when Everett jumped into action…

“I called 911 and started checking around. There were different stories as to whether there was anyone in the house or not.”

There were actually 2 people inside the house. Captain Everett was able to locate and pull a woman to safety.

“We found a woman laying on the floor, 3 feet inside the door. Pulled her out and some of the neighbors come down and help us get her out into the yard for some medical attention”

The woman that Captain Everett pulled from the home is still at Erlanger being treated for her injuries. The 3rd person that was home at the time of the fire and made it out of the house, but went back inside to help, and died in the blaze.

“I think they actually had an individual go back in this house and that was the victim that didn’t survive that is a dangerous thing for civilians to go into a burning structure to rescue somebody”

While 1 person died in blaze, without the efforts of Captain Everett this fire could have been much worse.

“Unfortunately there was a fatality in this but we were happy that he was able to get one person out of there and our guys are trained to understand survivalbility profile of a building they know when they can go in there he did go in with quite a bit of risk to himself and personal injury and we are proud of him for making a heroic save”

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