Chattanooga firefighters recount rescuing dog

CHATTANOGGA, Tenn. (WDEF) — Chattanooga Firefighters recount an unusual call they responded to last week.

Firefighter Brandon McCulley has been with the Chattanooga Fire Department for two years.
In his time there, he has responded to lots of calls. But one last week in Hixson, sticks out.

“This is definitely an unusual call. I don’t think I have heard of anybody else responding to a dog stuck in the attic before,” McCulley said.

McCulley and other firefighters from Station 11 were told the homeowner’s long-haired, toy Dachshund named Bella, got into the attic to chase a squirrel.

While chasing it around, Bella fell through an opening into an interior wall between the den and master bedroom.

“They said they didn’t have a ladder tall enough to get to them. We told them basically the only way we could help is to cut a hole in the wall basically and pull it out. So they said that is fine,” McCulley said.

While another firefighter caught Bella, McCulley was there for support.

“It came at my face so fast. I just caught it,” he said.

McCulley says they didn’t have time to think much about it.

“We pulled the dog out quick, because we were waiting for the squirrel to attack us while we were doing it,” he said.

Bella’s owners appreciated the help.

“They were very excited. They were happy to have the dog out of the ceiling and everybody was not hurt all they’ve got to do is clean up a little dry wall and get an exterminator in for the squirrel,” McCulley said.

This is one experience McCulley will definitely remember.

“Probably up there as far as weird calls I have gotten,” he said.

The owners were happy for this story to be shared, but they wanted to remain anonymous.

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