Chattanooga Group Gives Back to Homeless

CHATTANOOGA, Tenn. (WDEF) — The group, Human Initiative, spent Christmas day giving back to the homeless.

Dozens of folks lined up for the event, as volunteers put together gift bags for them.

These presents included items like shampoo and other necessities.

The bags also contained some sweeter treats, like cookies and coffee.

The group even gave out winter clothing.

Volunteers hope these items will lift spirits this holiday season.

“Sometimes it can just be kind’ve an intense reminder of what you don’t have, so we’re trying to alleviate that stress, alleviate any pain or any hardships, and just do that with love and kindness and open hearts today,” said McKenzie Delaney, Human Initiative.

Delaney says both businesses and private donors gave the group the items for the gift bags.

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