Chattanooga group planning “Declaration of Resistance” rally for Thursday

CHATTANOOGA, Tenn. (WDEF) –  A Mojo Burrito employee was fired after attending the white nationalist rally in Charlottesville, Virginia. This is what Mojo Burrito management said on Facebook about the firing.

Hightower says, “I just don’t want people to think I am just some type of hate monger. It’s completely false.”

From suspended to fired in a matter of hours, Terrance Hightower says that his year at Mojo Burrito was good with no write ups or disciplinary action at all before he went to a rally in Charlottesville Virginia. He says he’s without a job and receiving death threats.

Hightower believes, “It’s usually these are the same people that are talking about peace and love but they seem like they didn’t even want to hear me out for a second or hear anything I had to say”

With love and peace tattooed on his arm, Hightower says that he wasn’t apart of the violence, nor does he condone it. He says he went to protest the removal of historic monuments.

People in the community are planning a rally in supporting the termination of Hightower and saying that they are “standing in solidarity with Charlottesville and declaring resistance against Nazis in Chattanooga.”

Hannah Schobert says, “I definitely think that counter protesting is going to be essential to letting people know that this is not okay.”

Lillie Stubsten, a former co-worker of Hightower says, “The whole theme of the protest was “Unite the Right”… and when they united the right one of our own was killed in the street in broad daylight by a Nazi in 2017. It’s so incredibly sad that someone who was there trying to make the world a better place lost their life.”

The Declaration of Resistance rally is to “declare your dedication to a lifestyle of resistance and let the nazis know that we will not tolerate their presence in our neighborhoods, workplaces or social circles.”

Stubsten says, “It’s time that the left makes a promise to itself and its people that we will create a lifestyle of resistance.”

Chattanooga Police say they are aware of the discussions regarding the organized rally. Police say that they haven’t been officially informed by any organizers or participants of the rally as to its existence. The Chattanooga Police Department says they do support the rights of our citizens to express their views in public as part of their freedom of speech.

Organizers of the rally have set up an event page on Facebook.

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