Chattanooga in “Best Towns” Competition

CHATTANOOGA, TN (WDEF-TV) – Outside Magazine, a favorite of those who enjoy the adventure lifestyle, has again named Chattanooga as one of the best towns in the country.

But the Convention and Visitors Bureau wants us to be number one again.
Its asking local residents and anyone who’s a fan of the Chattanooga experience, to vote in each of the 6 rounds over the next 6 weeks.
It starts this week with 64 towns that have been nominated.

"….you think about the incredible God-given natural assets that we have. All the recreation and fun that comes along with that also..and then nestled below the valley is our city filled with many attractions, restaurants, hotels, entertainment venues. So when you combine those two we really are the best town ever."

Chattanooga was the winner of the first "Best Town" competition in 2011.
You can vote at "OUTSIDE Online", or check elsewhere on this webpage, WDEF.Com, for more information.

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