Chattanooga man faces attempted first degree murder charge

CHATTANOOGA, Tennessee (WDEF) — A Chattanooga man who is no stranger to law enforcement is now facing a laundry list of felony charges including attempted first degree murder.

Prandell Antonie Haynes, 24, of Chattanooga was booked into the Hamilton County jail on Monday.

Haynes has been identified by a witness as a suspect in an October 13 shooting in East Chattanooga that sent one person to the hospital with a gunshot wound to the face.

According to an affidavit obtained by News 12, the shooting happened at Sandy’s Mini Mart in the 2400 block of Glass Street.

When police arrived on scene, they found Thomas William Jr. suffering from a gunshot wound to the face.

A witness told police she was in her car with Williams and their daughter when a light blue Toyota Camry pulled up. She said Prandell Haynes and another man identified as Marquel Morris were in the Toyota. The witness then told investigators that she had previously hung out with both men and that Haynes was angry with her because she had him prosecuted for stealing her gun.

According to the witness, she was pulling out of the mini mart parking lot when Haynes and Morris ran behind the store and pulled out pistols.

The witness then told police the two men began to shoot at her vehicle as she and Williams were attempting to drive away.

The affidavit goes on to state that at least 20 rounds of ammunition were fired at the car.

Williams was struck in the face and had to be transported to a local hospital for treatment.

After identifying both men through a photo lineup, detectives ran a background check that revealed Haynes was a convicted felon who is prohibited from using a firearm. Further investigation revealed that Morris did not have a handgun carry permit.

The affidavit goes on to say that due to the high number of shots fired, both men intended to kill the witness, Mr. Williams and their daughter.

Haynes was charged with:

  • Attempted first degree murder
  • Three counts of aggravated assault
  • Unlawful possession of a firearm
  • Reckless endangerment

His bond was set at $250,000.

Hamilton County court records show that Haynes has a criminal record more than a page long with arrests for robbery, drug possession, unlawful possession of a firearm, domestic assault, aggravated arson, and possession of explosive components. Many of those charges were dropped in General Sessions Court.

Morris is not in custody but court record show that he is no stranger to law enforcement.

He has been previously charged with multiple counts of aggravated robbery but most of those charges were dropped. In 2010 he was convicted of aggravated robbery.





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