Chattanooga Market Thanksgiving

The Chattanooga Market celebrated its last Sunday of the season at the First Tennessee Pavilion with a Thanksgiving theme.

Representatives say despite the weather, many folks took advantage of what the vendors had to offer.

Operations Manager Steve Breham says, "We had a great turnout coming out to get not just great local produce for their holiday table, but we also had several vendors and some of our food trucks doing something a little different this year."

Brehm says the food vendors have expanded their services this year, to cater to those with busy schedules.

"They were offering to do some of the fixings for people who had a busy work week and didn’t want to cook themselves. They could come out, order from them, and they’ll be coming out on Wednesday to pick up those items from the trucks," says Brehm.

Assistant Manager Gib Jones says The Chattanooga Market has had a successful season.

Vendors displayed everything from jewelry and books to holiday gifts.

Whether they were a seasonal shopper or just a loyal customer, Jones says this has been their best year yet.

The market has pulled in more than $3 million dollars this season and with the holiday market just around the corner, the company’s numbers are still climbing.

The market will move indoors to the Chattanooga Convention Center starting the weekend of December 6th and will run on Saturdays and Sundays through the 21st.

"We have a very loyal customer base here and they are just so great," says Jones.

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