Chattanooga named among top cities in the U.S. for remote work

CHATTANOOGA, Tenn. (WDEF) – For those looking to trade views of the Statue of Liberty for the Scenic City, may have the answer.

The site is an online marketplace that connects remote workers with local incentive opportunities, and they recently named Chattanooga among the top ten cities in the United States for remote workers to live.

The list was compiled based on a number of factors, including affordability, family considerations, and outdoor pursuits.

Site co-founder, Evan Hock, says that Chattanooga’s high-speed internet capabilities also makes it an attractive spot for remote workers.

“Chattanooga across all of those categories really performs really well. We’re finding that it’s perfectly situated in terms of having access to outdoor activities, having access to Nashville, Atlanta, just nearby. It has great infrastructure so that those remote workers can access the internet at super high speeds,” says Hock.

Kirk Burton, the Director of Program with Co-Lab, located at the Edney Innovation Center, says that thanks to programs like Zoom and Google Calendar, remote workers are able to complete much of their assignments without ever having to leave their homes.

“Those things have kind of grown and developed over the last few years, really they enabled companies to better adapt during the pandemic to situations where they couldn’t be onsite. There are some people who like to work at the office and that kind of nurtures them, but there are many more that can be just as effective or more effective working from home,” Burton says.

And that effectiveness is expected to reverberate throughout Chattanooga’s economy, as data from MakeMyMove shows that remote worker households can have an over 100-thousand-dollar economic impact in their first year alone.

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