Chattanooga Now the 10 gig City

Chattanooga, TN (WDEF) – It has been 5 years since EPB rolled out 1 gig internet capabilities for the scenic city ….

"And the old expression to stand still is to fall backwards."

Well, EPB is definitely not standing still. They are leaping into the future.

EPB President and CEO Harold DePriest said, "Today, I am here to announce that everyone in our service area will have access to the fastest internet residential internet in the world."

In a 600 square mile area, residents will now have access to 10 gig home internet.

"We have a place where 10 gig, not one gig anymore, 10 gig is going to be connected to every home and business," said Mayor Andy Berke.

10 gig internet isn’t the only thing EPB is flying into the future with…

DePriest said, "As far as the drones go if we have a major storm and a lot of trees are down a lot of poles are broken, we have to go out today in cars….if we can fly those lines with a drone and send high speed video shooting it back to here, we can get our crews out there much, much quicker."

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