Chattanooga Officers Who Stopped Terrorist Attack Indentified

CHATTANOOGA, TN (WDEF-TV) – It’s been more than 5 months since a homegrown terrorist attacked an recruiting center and a naval training center here in Chattanooga.
The tragic deaths of 5 military men is something the tri-state area will never forget.
But until now, details of how Mahammad Youssef Abdulazeez was stopped by local officers have not been told.

Five officers who were first on the scene at the Amnicola training center stood behind Chief Fred Fletcher at an afternoon news conference.
They are Grover Wilson, Dennis Pedigo, who was wounded, Jeff Lancaster, Kevin Flanigan, Sean O’Brien and Lucas Timmons. They were flanked by Assistant chiefs Eric Tucker and Tracy Arnold.
This is the first time they’ve been publicly identified since the terror attack on July 16th.

CHIEF FRED FLETCHER, CHATTANOOGA POLICE DEPARTMENT "Know this! They are heroes, they are my heroes, that’s the last thing they like to be…hear themselves called."

The chief announced that his department, the FBI and the U-S attorney’s office cleared the release of the names of the officers who fired their weapons that day.

CHIEF FLETCHER "They choose to place themselves, their bodies, their future selves, at risk to protect people who are endangered
by criminals and terrorists who wanted to hard our community."

Officer O’Brien was selected to speak on behalf of the group. He says for those who were there it will always be the lives of the 5 men who died in that attack.
He recounted for the first time publicly what he and the others experienced after Abdulazeez crashed a car through a fence and began firing at the building.

OFFICER SEAN O’BRIEN, CHATTANOOGA POLICE DEPARTMENT "It was clear very early on what this was.That this was an attack on our country…but your training kicks in, you know."

One of the officers, Dennis Pedigo, was wounded.

OFFICER O’BRIEN "There were two of us that helped get officer Pedigo to cover, and teh from there there were several other officers that helped to get him out to an ambulance on Amnicola highway. A lot of this occurred under fire, under fire."

Chief Fletcher says that since the names of the officers are now public, the department is making sure they and their families are fully protected.

According to Chief Fletcher, there’s no evidence that the use of force on that fateful day in July was anything other than justified.
The FBI last week finally acknowledged the attack was a terrorist attack.

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