Chattanooga on pace for record level of traffic fatalities

CHATTANOOGA, Tennessee (WDEF)-“Every traffic fatality that we have worked, speed has been a factor. Each and every one of them,” said Lt. Danny Jones.

Chattanooga Police Department says Chattanooga has already had seven fatal accidents, as compared to two at this point in 2021.

“We’ve got to have people sit down. If it’s not for anything other than for your own family members that are out there. For us that’s what we really care about, we want to keep everybody safe,” said Jones.

CPD said people started driving faster during the pandemic due to less traffic. Now, people are used to that speed so continue to drive faster despite traffic increasing back to normal levels.

“We’re actually increasing by 1 mph throughout the whole city on every city street now the 1 mph does not seem very much. This is what it truly is. It means that folks are actually traveling at 12 miles an hour over the speed limit,” said Jones.

“It’s not just fatalities, it’s crashes, it’s incapacitated crashes, pedestrian fatalities. It’s across the board,” said Tyson Morris.

Chattanooga Police Officers now have an extra emphasis on ticketing people exceeding the speed limit.

“Whenever you were a kid and you got your hand caught in the cookie jar your mom and dad punished you right? That’s literally what we’re trying to do,” said Jones.

The Chattanooga Police Department says it’s not on the singular road, like I75, it’s throughout the entire city.

“I was leaving from Lee Highway coming to Amnicola highway and I stopped three vehicles doing 90 MPH plus down that stretch of roadway. I have stopped people personally on Amnicola doing the exact same thing,” said Jones.

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