Chattanooga had plenty of guns used in crimes last year according to the ATF

CHATTANOOGA (WDEF) – Chattanooga has the 3rd highest number of guns recovered from crimes last year in Tennessee according to new stats released by the ATF.

But the number is more newsworthy than the ranking.

The city had three times as many confiscated weapons as Knoxville (902).

But we still have only half of the number for Nashville and just a quarter of the guns taken in Memphis in 2015.

Tracy City also makes a surprising showing on the list.

The small town in Grundy County ranked 9th for guns traced to crimes last year in Tennessee with 66.

Cleveland ranked 10th with 63 guns.


Nationally, the number of guns recovered from crimes rose by 20,000 last year.

Most recovered guns were 9mm and .22 caliber firearms.

The top three types are pistols, revolvers and rifles.

In Tennessee, revolvers are clearly the guns of choice used in crimes.

TN Firearms

So who is using all those guns?

The ATF broke down the gun usage by age.

A large number are taken from young people between 18 and 21.

But the largest age range is 31-40.

Age of Gun Users

But where do all these guns come from?

The ATF traces the guns back to their source.

And this is the breakdown on where the guns confiscated in Tennessee came from.

Of course, most originate in state, but the next highest sources are in Mississippi and Georgia.

Where Guns Come From

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