Police ask you to check accounts after Debit Card fraud arrest

CHATTANOOGA (WDEF) – Chattanooga Police are encouraging residents to check their bank statements after they made a debit card fraud arrest on Sunday.

We told you that police were on the lookout for a similar ATM fraud suspect earlier in May.

That suspect was withdrawing money from multiple accounts at local ATM’s.

On Sunday afternoon, they say they caught another suspect doing something similar.

Officers were called to an ATM at the First Tennessee Bank on Brainerd Road.

He was suspected of making withdrawls with cloned debit cards.

Officers say they found 102 re-encoded credit cards which included stolen debit card information.

The suspect also had a large amount of cash.

39 year old George Caceres Ortmeier faces 17 counts of criminal simulation with more charges pending.

Officials say he is new to town and not the suspect they were looking for in May, but it is the same type of organized crime.

The concern is that the victims of the crime don’t realize it yet.

Police officials are asking the public to check their bank statements to see if there are unauthorized withdrawls.

If you think you are a victim, contact the Chattanooga Police Department to report your loss.


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