Chattanooga Police Department Talk About New Ballistics Tech

CHATTANOOGA, Tenn. (WDEF)- Whether its organized crime or neighborhood gangs in Chattanooga, law enforcement agencies are struggling to adapt new technology to deal with the threat.

Chattanooga police have been using the NIBIN system for several months now and it links agencies across the country.

Last year News 12 introduced you to new police technology called NIBIN. That’s the National Integrated Ballistic Information Network.

The police department paid 200,000 dollars for the system, which allows police to match shells and casings almost immediately following a crime.

It’s been in place for awhile now and it’s fitting into a nationwide network.

“We follow the firearm. And that’s the main purpose of fighting violent crime. Following that firearm, using any of the resources that we have available to us. NIBIN is one of the resources for firearms tracing and the use of other investigative resources through variety of other sources,” said Michael Knight.

Chief Fred Fletcher says the new technology is leading to an expansion of staff at the police department. It’s part of a program to strengthen the Rapid Response Team, a gun team and the Gang Unit Crime Focus.

The police usually get with hundreds of weapons on a monthly basis, most used in a crime.

The head of the Violence Reduction Initiative, told us when the NIBIN was introduced that it can be a big step forward.

“They will be specifically assigned to gun related violence. Every gun that’s taken in off these streets we’ll review. We’ve had 3,233 guns taken into the Chattanooga Police department since 2013. They will investigate every one of those gun cases and look how they can be prosecuted at a later time,” said Sgt. Josh May.

The NIBIN technology is proving its value locally, but also on a regional basis.

“Since the inception of the program the NIBIN used as an investigative resource has solved crimes not only in this particular area …but in areas in the surrounding states,” said Knight.

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