Chattanooga Police find child safe after being inside stolen car

CHATTANOOGA, Tenn. (WDEF) — After a vehicle was stolen with a boy inside, Chattanooga Police want to remind parents to never leave their child alone in a car.

Crime tape is left over proof of what happened on Derby Circle. On Tuesday night, police found a stolen car with a child inside on that street.

Investigators say someone took the car on Vance Avenue. Less than an hour later, police tracked down the two-year-old and the car. They are still looking for the suspect.

Officer James Plumlee found the boy, who was safe, but very hot.

“It is one of the best feelings. I know for me, and probably for any officers, is reuniting the child with his mom or dad. Best feeling in the world,” Officer Plumlee said.

Officer Plumlee says, with a child being involved, this was a tough situation.

“We are trained to do a job. I didn’t do anything any of the officers in the Chattanooga Police Department wouldn’t have done. It really hit home,” Officer Plumlee said.

Neighbors say they are glad the child wasn’t hurt.

“Things can happen in an instant, our lives can change in an instant. Yesterday in that quick second things can change and luckily we had a good outcome that the child was found,” said Latonja Lloyd.

Lloyd says this is a good reminder to never leave your kids in a car unattended.

“It is a pain to get kids in and out of car seats, but just think in that one instant things can go really bad. You just turning your head for one second,” she said.

Officer Plumlee agrees.

“We ask that nobody leave a child in the car at any point. Even if you are just running in to pay for your gas or if you are going to be out for just a second, don’t leave a child in the car please.”

If you have any information about the suspect, call Chattanooga Police.

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