Chattanooga Police Honors Officers

Navy Logistic Supply Chief Charlie Barba says “At one time, law enforcement officials were known as peace officers, and that was their job to maintain the peace.”

Chattanooga Police Chief Fred Fletcher says “It is a somber day because of the nature of the celebration and the event that happened yesterday, and I would like to take the moment to focus on the fact men and women of law enforcement sacrifice in the quiet, in the dark that never gets recognized on stage.”

Navy Logistic Supply Chief Charlie Barba says “On July 16th, 2016, these virtues were put to the extreme test. The terrorism that happens daily all over the world came to Chattanooga. A young man committed an act of terrorism that brought the war to us.”

Chattanooga Police Chief Fred Fletcher says “I’ll tell you the officers who did those things have trouble enjoying the recognition, because they feel that we have lost community members, and it is a bitter sweet moment. We are very proud of the reactions, but our hearts continue to go out to the families, the friends of the people who were lost on July 16th.”

Navy Logistic Supply Chief Charlie Barba says”Some of you may not realize but I owe my very life to people in this room. You see, I was in the NAS that day. I was in the line of fire, but it wasn’t until the CPD was at our door that we felt truly safe again.”

Chattanooga Police Chief Fred Fletcher says “Any Chattanooga police officer you talk to will tell you the focus of any remembrance, any memorialization of July 16th should be on the service members who lost their lives, and their families that sacrificed for our communities.”

“Today, officer Dennis Pedigo, Junior will be awarded the Purple Heart, and he will walk to the stage to receive it.”
“It is one of my favorite things to do. It is a chance to recognize the great work of men and women of law enforcement. One of the things I say to them as often as I can is you may never know the lives you save….You will never forget the lives you lose.”

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