Chattanooga Police Investigate First Homicide of 2016

Chattanooga Police responded to the city’s first homicide of 2016.

It happened on the 1300 block Sheridan Avenue.

21-year-old Thomas Simmons died on the scene from his injuries.

The other man, 21-year-old Deonte Evans was taken to a hospital with non-life threatening gunshot wound to the leg.

News 12 spoke with the woman, who wanted to remain anonymous, that tried to save Simmons.

She said her and her daughter were about to leave their home when they heard gunshots, she then told her told to call 911.

"He (Evans) was injured on both legs and he asked me, "Mam, can you please help my friend?"
"I put my hand under his head and told him my name and asked did he have a mother and children to live for. He raised his hand and patted me on my hand, as a way to say thank you and then his hand fell and I knew he was gone."

Police Chief Fred Fletchers said at least one suspect fired multiple rounds at the victims.

He also believes this to be a gang-related shooting.

The Chief said Chattanooga Police are doing all they can to help the community cope.

"We have counselors here from the Family Justice Center, we have our victim services coordinator for the Chattanooga Police Department, and we have our chaplains here to help support the community."

CPD said they have multiple leads that their working on and are hopeful to catch the suspect(s.)

"It’s tragic no matter how long we go and no matter what the background is. Nobody should have their kids hearing and seeing gunshots in their neighborhood. We need to put the people in jail who disrupted this community, who committed violence against this community and killed and injured a young man on the streets today."

Chattanooga Police are asking for anyone with any information to call them at 423-698-2525.  

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