Chattanooga Police set up next round of Public Safety Cameras

CHATTANOOGA (WDEF) – The Chattanooga Police Department is adding eight new public safety cameras to its network.

That brings the total to 37 cameras around the city.

The system is known as “Crime Eye” and it focuses on violent crime and deterring future acts of violence.

C-P-D used community input and three years of compiled statistical crime data to determine where to put the new cameras.

The department also included the experience of officers, intelligence information and neighborhood input in deciding where to put them.

Sgt. William Atwell supervises the Real Time Intelligence Center.

“Just today when we pulled up there was a lady out here and she asked if we were putting out police cameras. I told her, ‘Yes, Ma’am, that’s what we’re doing.’, and she said, ‘Good, we need it.’. So, I’ve not heard anything negative when we’re putting cameras out, mostly positive.

15 public safety cameras were installed in June, 2017 and 14 more were installed in November, 2018.

The information is fed into the police Real Time Intelligence Center.

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