Chattanooga prepares for Broad Street construction

CHATTANOOGA, Tenn. (WDEF) – Broad Street construction is making headway in replacing century old sewer pipes.

Engineers at Chattanooga’s Department of Public Works tells us, commuters may have to add 20 more minutes to their drive time. Road construction may impact the drive to and from work, to Lookout Mountain, and local businesses, as well.

Public works Engineers say construction near the base of Lookout Mountain is progressing right on schedule. Crews have been working there since last fall.

They’re preparing for the upcoming road closure near West 35th of Broad Street.

Chattanooga City Engineer Bill Payne says it’ll last 90 days.

Broad St will also be reinforced, new drainage structures will be installed, and a Riverwalk crossing will be built.

Payne says they’re working to minimize construction delays.

“We’ve been in contact with the immediate business owners throughout the process during the design and even before the construction. We’ve had some stakeholder meetings as well. We’ve also been talking to the folks at Ruby Falls and Rock City because we know that’s right on the path most folks try to take from downtown to get there,” said Bill Payne.

Meanwhile, commuters will be rerouted to Tennessee Avenue. Those heading to Lookout Mountain will reroute through West 35th St and St. Elmo Ave.

Payne says they’re also adjusting traffic signal times, to accommodate.

Wanda Hark with Gordons Cleaners said “I know it’s going to be a bad impact on us. It’s going to cause a lot of trouble with our business and everything. Nobody knows what’s going to happen and how it’s going to come about. With the way traffic is here on a Friday afternoon’s anyway. We know it will be a big problem.”

Payne says there are no impacts to the train schedule.


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