Chattanooga Recruiting Through The Eras

CHATTANOOGA,TN, (WDEF)-Tonight we wind back the hands of time to when Dean Martin was a comedy king and Harry Truman sat in the oval office.

Chattanooga was a small southern city with big dreams.

Industrial Report 1950’s Chattanooga,"This is a good kind of people, industrious, progressive kind of citizens who want and work for the best of everything".

This promotion video from the 1950’s hoped to convince business men from north of the Mason-Dixon to choose Chattanooga.

Industrial Report 1950’s Chattanooga,"We had a lot of fun driving around Chattanooga it’s a fresh looking city with fine vitality, people look busy, happy, healthy, five municipal parks provide family recreation".

The Industrial Report as it was known showcased roads, rail, workforce and quality of life in a slow, calm and easy to follow video lasting more than 20 minutes.

Industrial Report 1950’s Chattanooga,"I find Chattanooga is a good family town, by a good family town, I mean that in all the activities that you find, usually you will see whole families participating in them".

Lets move those clock hands forward to spring 2015 and a new video has been released.

CHATTANOOGA ON SALE NOW, Fancy Rhino Productions,"Guess when it gets cold? It never does, right now we will throw in a free pair of dancing shoes, lets dance, for a limited time only we will also throw in free sunsets wooozaaa".

The 2 minute clip is ten times shorter and a little more outrageous.

CHATTANOOGA ON SALE NOW, Fancy Rhino Productions,"Want to live in the city? We got that! Look at that aquarium, Crossfit, we got Thai, Mexican and Italian and also pizza, want to live in the country? We got that too, mountains, mountains, mountains."

The team behind the 2015 video say their video has the same aim but the style and format have changed.

Dan Jacobs, Fancy Rhino,"Two different markets, I guess your video showcased the masters of industry and I think the industry in Chattanooga has maybe changed to a more tech, textile, startup communities".

2015 College grads feel both videos will tempt you to move to the Scenic City but in different eras.

Nathaniel McDaniel,"For today’s generation it’s definitely more effective than the 1950’s clip but in the 1950’s clip would have been just as effective, changing with the times it seems".

The Industrial Report proved its worth bringing major corporations to the Tennessee Valley over the last 60 years.

However it has yet to be seen if the new Youtube & Facebook generation will be swayed by this new video or should we stick to the old staples.

"Goodbye, just aravoir, this is a good city and we already feel at home".

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