Chattanooga Regional Homeless Coalition vaccinating the homeless

CHATTANOOGA, Tennessee (WDEF)- The Chattanooga Regional Homeless Coalition is providing vaccinations to those who have yet to receive the COVID-19 vaccine.

The Chattanooga Regional Homeless Coalition, the Hamilton County Health Department, and Olivet Baptist Church have partnered together to provide both the Pfizer and Johnson and Johnson Covid vaccine to the homeless.

“Homeless healthcare, and sell actually anybody can go to the clinic on 11th St. any day of the week to get a vaccine and they’ve also been going out to the camps with a nurse out to where people are experiencing homelessness and vaccinating them there,” said Winters.

Although some of the Chattanooga homeless community has been vaccinated, there are others who have been hesitant to get the vaccine.

Winters said this is due to several reasons including where they will stay during possible side effects.

“If they were to have negative symptoms associated with a vaccine they don’t have a place to recuperate. So there’s some fear there. There’s also some miss information. So we’re hoping to explain to them that obviously, complications from Covid would be much worse. And that some of the stuff that they have heard is untrue,” said Winters.

She said the more they interact with people the more likely they are to get vaccinated

“There’s no shame there we just talk to them and answer their questions. We find that over time as we keep exposing them to the city of getting vaccinated but eventually they understand and decide to do so,” said Winters.

The vaccinations will be given across the street from Olivet Baptist Church in Chattanooga on Saturday from 8 am to 1 pm

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