Chattanooga residents react to weekend shootings

CHATTANOOGA, Tennessee (WDEF)- Chattanooga resident Kim Rogg said she wonders when enough will be enough.

“How many more family members have to go to funerals before common sense kicks in,” said Rogg.

Jeff Reich moved here just 10 days ago and he said he didn’t anticipate this level of gun violence when he moved here.

“ There’s been three shootings in 10 days and that’s going to amaze me. I live right in downtown, so I’m hearing sirens a lot more frequently than I’m used to.”

Both said there need to be additional gun laws put into place.

“I would say, the age of kids who can buy a gun should be changed. They should up the age and if you are caught with a gun under age, it should be an immediate felony,” said Reich.

A few people, who wished to stay off camera, said if you start taking away some gun rights then all gun rights could be taken away.

Let’s start with one thing. Let’s make a change and not just a change on our social media posts. But a real change in the way our country is operating.

Carolyn Williams is on vacation in Chattanooga and said she thinks the uptick in shootings is copycats.

“Copycats, and I think people who are just angry for any reason and I can say and do whatever I want whenever I want. I have a gun I can shoot you,” said Williams.

The shooting that took place here early Sunday morning, wasn’t the only shooting on people’s minds. People also referenced the shooting that took place late Saturday night, the weekend prior.

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