Chattanooga State Celebrates Tobacco Free Year

Chattanooga State Community College has been tobacco free for a year now.

The faculty and students welcomed a host of community leaders to celebrate that fact.

Hamilton County Mayor Jim Coppinger and the other 10 municipality Mayors in the county were there for the occasions

It’s not just cigarettes—no tobacco of any kind is allowed on campus.

The occasion highlights the Mayors’ Smoke Free Community initiative launched in October of 2015.

Chatt State President Rebecca Ashford says “I think its important to celebrate the success and the good decisions to go in this direction and so, we want to celebrate that and bring all the community groups together –and the health department and the mayor’s office we can all look back and reflect and see..reflect on the good work we’ve done and celebrate that and look at how we move forward.”

The initiative seeks to eliminate exposure to 2nd and 3rd hand smoke in public places, and it also encourages businesses, day cares, and schools to become smoke free campuses.

The Mayors’ Smoke Free Community initiative uses no tax-payer funds and is funded solely through the 1997 Tobacco Settlement Funds.

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