Chattanooga STEM Schools Gets 300k From National Science Foundation

CHATTANOOGA,TN, (WDEF)-"I believe this is an example of a classroom of the future".

High speed real time live streaming classes, robotic science labs and the opportunity to work with state of the art technology.

All will be enhanced for the dozens of students thanks to a 300,000 dollar grant from the National Science Foundation.

Tony Donen, Principal STEM School Chattanooga,"We don’t want the response of can you give me four answer choices, the right way to do this, the sort of right way to do this and the two wrong ways because in school you learn how to pick the right way, we want them to be given a project, collaborate with people seek out research in developing innovative and new ideas".

A crowded classroom of educators and elected officials were shown projects and class work on programming, robotics and environmental safety.

Maria Jefferson, 11th Grade Student,"I learned that Miracle Grow kills off a lot of organisms and cow manure actually helps them because of the nitrates in it but the ammonia in Miracle Grow kills them off."

For STEM school students these projects give them the opportunity to collaborate and work with professors from across the world.

Ken Hayes, President Enterprise Center,"1800 miles away and the kids can actually manipulate that microscope using the gigabit network here in Chattanooga and actually see 4k images of what they are looking at on that screen from Los Angeles at the STEM School".

The projects on show at the STEM school are the first to ever use the power of gigabit technology for K-12 Education.

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